The Magic Journey

Your welcome lottery!

5000 NZD + 1000 FS

How to find crystals?

Toss a crystal to a magic place, o valley of plenty… Yep! There’s plenty of crystals and you can have an unlimited amount of them! Deposit more to get more crystals each week. 1 crystal = 1 ticket. The more you have - the more chances to win the prize in a draw. Here is how we can collect them!

Crystals amountDeposit amountThe price of 1 crystal
diamonds25 NZD25 NZD
diamonds30 NZD15 NZD
diamonds36 NZD12 NZD
diamonds40 NZD10 NZD
diamonds45 NZD9 NZD
Hi there,


It’s so exciting to explore new worlds and win 5000 NZD!
Let’s do it together!
For all the newbies making first 5 deposits at YOJU, we have unique events to show what is yojing and how exciting it can be!


Yojies carry the crystal to the Magic Place and throw them down. Why do they do that? FOR WINNINGS!

Here's what's hidden in the Magic Place

  • 10

    200 NZD

  • 10

    100 NZD

  • 10

    50 NZD

  • 40

    25 NZD

  • 50

    10 NZD

  • 1

    150 FS

  • 2

    100 FS

  • 3

    50 FS

  • 6

    25 FS

  • 10

    15 FS

  • 20

    10 FS

Here are the best slots for wagering:

Bonus terms and conditions:

  • 1. The lottery is available for new-registered players only.
  • 2. The 1-5 deposit made at YOJU activates the lottery for you. It doesn’t matter in what month you’ve deposited.
  • 3. With bigger deposit sum you reduce the crystal price: Dep minimum 25 NZD, the price of 1 crystal is 25 NZD; Dep 30 NZD, the price of 1 crystal is 15 NZD; Dep 36 NZD, the price of 1 crystal is 12 NZD; Dep 40 NZD, the price of 1 crystal is 10 NZD; Dep 45 NZD, the price of 1 crystal is 9 NZD.
  • 4. Wager for the money prize is x10.
  • 5. Wager for FS is x40.
  • 6. Best slots to play the bonuses back: Aztec Magic, Avalon: The Lost Kingdom, Deep Sea, Elvis Frog in Vegas.
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