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VIP Program

VIP player leader Kioko welcomes you to a VIP club built for great players!

Our VIP program is based on the needs of our players. You can participate in this program by registering.
While playing any game You can level up and gain skills. Just deposit and play your favorite title!
You will receive more benefits, gifts and offers at all levels.
Play the game If you enjoy it, we will offer you even more great benefits!

High Roller Bonus

First Deposit Bonus

50% up to 2750 CAD/ 1 BTC

VIP Program benefits

  • Individual attention to you and your demands

    Personal VIP manager

    Individual attention to you and your demands
  • Additional perks for your comfort gaming

    Extra bonuses

    Additional perks for your comfort gaming
  • You can cash out more on high levels

    Premium withdrawal limits

    You can cash out more on high levels
  • Private VIP events by personal invitation

    Limited privy promos

    Private VIP events by personal invitation
  • Real custom gifts considering your interests

    Personal gifts

    Real custom gifts considering your interests

How’s it going?

My name is Kioko, and I create a perfect place for chosen ones around me

I have tried all the scenarios and built an excellent VIP-club with cool bonuses and benefits. I hate being like everybody else and I know that you don't like ordinariness, too. That's why I have an exclusive VIP program where you get awards, not only for deposits. Every step can be victorious!

Check it out! Don't stay for a long with freshmen and join my club, it'll be IZI.

Bonus terms and conditions:

  1. All registered players participate in the VIP program.
  2. The total amount of deposits for the upgrade to the new VIP level is counted within each currency separately. Minimum amounts for each currency:

    - EXPLORER level - 250 EUR, 385 AUD, 375 CAD, 300 USD, 415 NZD, 1135 PLN, 2510 NOK, 32550 JPY, 20850 INR, 0.0047 BTC, 0.36 BCH, 0.12 ETH, 1.1 LTC, 2325 DOGE, 300 USDT, 415 ADA, 3350 TRX.

    - MAFIA level - 500 EUR, 770 AUD, 750 CAD, 600 USD, 835 NZD, 2275 PLN, 5020 NOK, 65115 JPY, 41700 INR, 0.0095 BTC, 0.71 BCH, 0.24 ETH, 2.21 LTC, 4655 DOGE, 600 USDT, 830 ADA, 6700 TRX.

    - RESPECT level - 1000 EUR, 1545 AUD, 1500 CAD, 1200 USD, 1670 NZD, 4550 PLN, 10040 NOK, 130230 JPY, 83400 INR, 0.019 BTC, 1.43 BCH, 0.49 ETH, 4.41 LTC, 9310 DOGE, 1200 USDT, 1660 ADA, 13400 TRX.

    - MASTER level - 2500 EUR, 3860 AUD, 3750 CAD, 2995 USD, 4175 NZD, 11380 PLN, 25090 NOK, 325485 JPY, 208500 INR, 0.047 BTC, 3.56 BCH, 1.21 ETH, 11.03 LTC, 23275 DOGE, 2995 USDT, 4150 ADA, 33500 TRX.

    - GURU level - 5000 EUR, 7720 AUD, 7505 CAD, 5990 USD, 8345 NZD, 22760 PLN, 50185 NOK, 650970 JPY, 417000 INR, 0.095 BTC, 7.13 BCH, 2.43 ETH, 22.12 LTC, 46555 DOGE, 5990 USDT, 8300 ADA, 67000 TRX.

  3. Free spins are credited to the "Elvis Frog in Vegas" slot created by provider BGaming
  4. All players without duplicating accounts, who agreed to receive bonuses, receive FS immediately after moving to a new level.
  5. The maximum cashout on FS is $100.
  6. Cashback is credited automatically until midnight (12:00 pm UTC).
    Rules on cashback are on the page.
  7. VIP manager gets in touch with you by mail or phone number, which you post in your player profile. So please keep your data up to date and check incoming calls.
  8. We will send information about exclusive VIP promos to you by e-mail, so please sign up for the newsletter.
  9. The VIP program complies with general Terms and Conditions and Bonus Terms and Conditions.