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Hey, friend! Here’s all ‘bout money. Let’s make it easy!)

All ‘bout the money

Hey! Welcome to payments!
We’re clear here: either you deposit the money, or we give it to you, like a bank, just not a bank.
And here is some useful info for ya.


Let me tell ya ’bout the deposits first. It’s when you send money from your personal account into the gaming one.
You can deposit using a whole bunch of different systems. Choose what’s more convenient.
When making a deposit, figure this out:
  • payment system fee
  • time of the transaction (in most cases, it’s instant)
Yeah, you got it, right?
Look at the table, choosing the best option for ya, and click the Deposit button.


Now for the best part, withdrawal.
It’s awesome to get money, right? It’s effortless, too. The table here also shows what systems are available, what limits they have, and so on. A withdrawal request means you tell us you want to cash out all you’ve won. The yojies are processing your request, and you get your crispy green!
Money can transfer to bank cards for up to 5 days and to electronic wallets within minutes.
Press the button and apply for a withdrawal.

Any questions left? Write to us. We’ll work things out!