Nobody hates Mondays


Up to

15% cashback!


Who said Mondays are dreadful? Color them up with a weekly cashback bonus!

«Meh! Who loves Mondays?» — what a common thought! You just don’t know how to cook them! In the YOJU world, Mondays can be the very best day, like an every-week holiday, you know. Since yojies are in love with the real fun, there is no place for grumpy workdays! Let’s slice them with the booster and paint this day in the color of joy and excitement. Turn on the good mood with the cashback offer and get your 5-15% of all the stakes you’ve lost during the weekends! Here’s the easy recipe of the cashback-in-love-with-Monday sushi:

  • 1. Deposit during the weekend;
  • 2. Have fun on Saturday and Sunday to make your Monday brighter;
  • 3. Here’s one more hint: the higher your level in the VIP program, the more cash you’ll get back. Level up your VIP status to increase your cashback percentage, the maximum amount for withdrawals, and get more attractive wagering conditions!
  • 4. Take your Monday cashback!

Bonus terms and conditions:

  • 1. The cashback is available to all users who deposited and played their balance to zero and did not receive any bonuses during Saturday - Sunday (UTC). The bonus will be added on Monday until 07:00 PM UTC.
  • 2. One cashback bonus is allowed per one person, household, address, shared computer, or IP address every week.
  • 3. Cashback is credited for the weekends, that are considered as time from 00:00 UTC every Saturday to 23:59 UTC every Sunday.
  • 4. Cashback’s terms and conditions depend on your VIP level. Here how it goes: EXPLORER — 5% up to 50 CAD, Wager: 15, Max cashout: 250 CAD. MAFIA — 7% up to 100 CAD, Wager: 10, Max cashout: 250 CAD. RESPECT — 10% up to 150 CAD, Wager: 10, Max cashout: 500 CAD. MASTER — 12% up to 200 CAD, Wager: 10, Max cashout: 500 CAD. GURU — 15% up to 250 CAD, Wager: 7, Max cashout: 500 CAD.
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